Damascus American Legion Post 171

Department of Maryland - Boys State - Update

Friday, April 17th 2020


All Boys State Applicants,

As promised today is the day we would let everyone know of the status of MD Boys State 2020. At this point it is a mixed message of disappointment and hope.

McDaniel College has in fact told us they are cancelling all summer programs through July 5th, which unfortunately means our program cannot take place on June 21-27, 2020. We regret the cancellation, but support the decision of the campus. We also are concerned for the safety and health of the youth as the nation and State discover what lies ahead after the relaxing of restrictions. Boys Nation 2020 has been cancelled and that was scheduled for the 3rd week in July, and necessitated our program being done before the beginning of July. As promised that was the disappointing part. Our committee and staff work hard and look forward to this week as much as, if not more than the youth that attend every year. They are heart broken over the cancellation, but not without some glimmer of hope still burning.

Currently we are discussing with the campus and internally about the possibility of holding MD Boys State later this summer. With Boys Nation being cancelled it frees up the possibility of a later date for our session this year. We have a narrow window right now, and many stars must align for us, but we still have hope in our hearts. Do not cancel your applications unless you are just not interested in the possibility. If that is how you feel, we fully understand. But we hope you will still hold out hope like we do. There is a lot of buzz going around our committee discussions online about twists to the program to make it special if we can arrange for the location and get the citizens to attend.

Our staff is disappointed, but I hope this one glimmer of hope helps to assuage the many lost opportunities you all have had to endure during this pandemic response. I will keep everyone up to date, and we will make sure we give all our efforts to getting a program in this summer. But of course developing circumstances and the situation after relaxing of restrictions will in many ways dictate the possibilities of the later program. 

You may also share with us any concerns with the preparations and plans for a later program. If anyone wishes to contact us please use boysstate@mdlegion.org.

Thank you for your interest in MD Boys State, and we hope we have better news in the near future.

Russell Myers
Director, MD Boys State