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Voices from the Past

"Mickey" Day

Barbara J. "Mickey" Day interviewed many of our veterans. This page has been created to honor not only our Comrades, but also to pay tribute to Mickey for her lasting contributions to our Post and community.

Who was Mickey Day you might ask?  She was an incredible woman.  She was full of life and energy.  Mickey was a wife, who survived the death of two husbands, which is a testament to her strength and determined will to go on. 

She was a teacher who was very passionate about her career path and her students.  She could reach out to all ages and that was evident from the many stories she told of her interactions with her students over the years of teaching.  She not only taught them, but learned from them as well.

Mickey was an artist, a talent that was hidden from us for many a year.  She loved nature and that was conveyed through the many paintings she painted of all of Mother Nature’s creatures and flowers. Some of us at both the Post and Unit are fortunate enough to have some of her creations hanging in our homes and what a pleasant way to always have a piece of Mickey in our lives.

She was hard working which was evident at the American Legion Post and Unit, at her own home and in the community.  All one had to do was ask for help and Mickey was there.  Whether it was baking a cake, patting and serving oysters, working the snack bar at bingo or reading and judging applications for scholarships, just to sit and listen to a friend, she was there.  You could always count on Mickey at the Post to support all of the functions and yes if a band was there, you could find her on dance floor after her work was done.  She definitely loved to dance.

Most of all she was a friend and companion to so many of the people she met.  She always made everyone in her presence comfortable and feel like they were an old friend.  Mickey always an infectious smile, that lit up the room.   She will be remembered as a patriotic, true and compassionate friend to those whose lives she touched and for the incredible lady she was.

Submitted by Sandy Seipp    

Our Comrades Interviews

In greatful appreciation to American Legion Auxiliary Unit 171 members for their generous financial contribution. Without their support the preservation of these audio interviews originally captured on cassette tapes may have been lost to future generations.

Bennett, Harold Talmage

Grigg, Buford Lamar

Mullinix, William Robert

Benson, James William

Hargett, John Abram

Murray, Robert D.

Boyland, Paul Maurice

Hauptman, William Francis

Nicholson, Donald Edwin

Breslin, Joseph William

Hoyle, Joseph Elmer

Peck, James Garnett
Burke, Luther

Hoyle, Ernest Eugene

Reid, Raymond William
Callaway, Robert Adam

Koontz, Wilford Lee

Rippeon, Ormand Z.

Diggs, Jacob Kenneth

Martin, Orville Richard

Seipp, John Lewis

Ferrell, Sherry William

Mele, Michael William

Stratton, William Richard

Fox, Richard Kenneth

Mullican, Milton Ray

VanVliet, Thomas A.