Damascus American Legion Post 171

Activity Log

Meeting Invitation: May 26, 2019

As I have mentioned to some of you, I’ve been volunteering, hosting  get-togethers for about 20-25 veterans, mostly WWII, at Lorien, an excellent assisted living/nursing facility in Mt. Airy. Two of our (Post Past Commanders) PPCs — Bob Ray and Jack Talamo — are among those who attend. The response and level of interest/participation has been excellent, even though many of these comrades-in-arms are in their 90, the oldest being 98! Three women are former Army nurses. Most are in wheelchairs or use walkers. Some have mild dementia, some don’t talk much, some talk a lot! Bernie, Bobby, and Buzz, you’ll probably know some of them.

I invite you to join us for the next session on May 29th beginning at 9:00 AM and lasting about one hour. Our own Keith Midberry will be the speaker, coaching and helping these veterans learn about their entitlements and services, including those his organization— Hospice of Frederick County—provides. Keith does this exceptionally well, and you’ll learn a lot yourselves. Several members of the Mt. Airy Post have been joining in, and I expect more of them for this session.

Please let me know if you can join us. We start with doughnuts and coffee. Please bring your Legion cap

Meeting Recap:

Keith provided an excellent overview of the many Government entitlements and services, as well as the care provided by the Hospice of Frederick County. He also answered many resident questions. 


Meeting Invitation: June 26, 2019

Next Wednesday, June 26th, I’m hosting another program for the Lorien veterans to which you are cordially invited.

This time, Priscilla Rall, immediate past President  of the Frederick Veterans History Project, will be talking about prominent WWI veterans who became major players during WWII. A devoted advocate for veterans, Priscilla is the author of an excellent book which includes the view of a PFC in WWI from his diary and numerous stories of Maryland soldiers during the Great War. She also serves as an interviewer for the Library of Congress’

Veterans History Project and a newspaper reporter who sometimes writes about those she interviews.

The program begins once the veterans get settled around 9:30 AM with donuts and coffee and runs approximately one hour. If I don’t see you at the reception desk, the receptionist will direct you to the meeting area. Please arrive by 9:15 AM and wear your Legion hat.

You’ll have the chance to bring joy to these aging veterans who are in either assisted living or nursing care. They love to talk about their experiences with us younger veterans. The group of 20-25 includes Bob Ray and Jack Talamo, both past commanders of our Post.

I hope to see you there, if your schedule permits.

Meeting Recap:

During the discussion of her book, Priscilla mentioned the contribution of African Americans during the Great War. Legionnaire Steve Monteiro later provided Priscilla with additional information from his library including this photo of SGT William Butler of Salisbury, MD who received the Croix de Guerre from the French and the Distinguished Service Cross from the U.S.


Meeting Invitation: July 31, 2019

Good morning Comrades,

I hope you can join me this coming Wednesday, July 31st, for another information session for those 26 veterans, mostly WWII, at Lorien. We’re aiming to start about 9:15 AM. This session features a discussion of VA entitlements led by two Carroll County volunteers.

I am thankful that you are joining me tomorrow at Lorien at 9 AM. Please do bring your Legion caps. And, shorts are very practical in this steamy weather!

Meeting Recap:

Comrades, today was an excellent session for these very senior vets. Your taking the initiative to sit and mix and converse with them is very meaningful to them. The feedback I’m getting indicates we’re making a difference and that we are providing much-needed comradeship for these elder vets. Plus, they’re getting to know each other, a big improvement over the situation back in April.

We may need to step in and help some of these veterans one-on-one to obtain and fill out documentation for some VA and State/County entitlements. Hopefully, their children will step up first.

Note: develop story line that during the previous meeting Gunny Sgt (need name) a Korean War vet asked the question – what were the 19 battle stars? Our Post 171 Legionnaire Sam Lehane, a former Marine himself, did the research and present a booklet to the Gunny.


Meeting Invitation: August 28, 2019

We’ll begin at about 9:15 am or so in the theater on the first floor, where we met the last two times. This month, we can look forward to a very special treat. One of our own—Judy Moore—will be playing her autoharp, singing and leading a sing-along of WWII—Korea era and patriotic  songs! I believe the old vets will enjoy it thoroughly. I’ve asked Judy to put together a program that will last about 30-40 minutes.

I hope all of you can be there. We’re succeeding in bonding with these older vets. To them, you’re like a service-buddy, whose experiences are similar. They look forward to seeing you each month. Please wear  your Legion hat and a Legion shirt. You may get questions about VA benefits and State veterans services. We’ll get the info needed to help.

Meeting Recap:

I am most grateful for your support yesterday morning and every similar monthly event. These old comrades are loving these experiences, and we’re doing good work towards fulfilling the Legion’s objectives. Judy and Glenn did a super job and stimulated Jack’s innate talent! To be certain, it meant a great deal to Judy. She wants to come to the monthly sessions, and she’ll be helpful.